Our Origins

Choo Yilin is an award-winning fine jewellery label. Its pieces tell important stories of love, heritage, and becoming. A purveyor of modern jade jewellery, the brand works primarily with handpicked Type A jadeite, diamonds and vibrant-coloured precious gemstones, woven with intricate metalwork to bring its designs to life. 

Our Work 

The brand’s origins are Asian and it launches collections inspired by significant stories of different eras, from 15th Century Java to Queen Victoria’s England.

It specialises in reimagining heirloom pieces for the 21st Century, creating contemporary interpretations of emotionally significant jewellery: engagements, weddings, anniversaries and other important gifting for moments, big and small, in their lives.

Each Choo Yilin piece is a visual idiom of these stories.

Our story began in the Choo Yilin Studio, in a heritage-rich neighbourhood of Joo Chiat, Singapore. 

It takes a minimum of a year to create each new collection, with the process beginning with a source of inspiration for our work, to conceptualisation and exploration, and countless iterations of sketches, testing, and sampling. We work closely with master artisans across the region, who skilfully and meticulously create each Choo Yilin piece by hand. 

This is also why we produce our jewellery in such limited quantity; each piece is crafted with absolute care and dedication to detail.  

"Gold is valuable, Jade is priceless" 

Amongst the oldest of known gemstones, Jade is recognised as a prized treasure throughout history. There is a Chinese proverb that goes: “Gold is valuable, but Jade is priceless.” As a proudly Asian brand determined to share our beautiful culture with the world, it makes perfect sense for us to tell our stories through a medium that allows our heritage to shine its brightest, a gem which is already inherently important to Asia. 

We believe that our heritage is profoundly moving and these are stories that are deserving to be told on a global scale; that we are capable of creating immense beauty that will leave people in deep awe.

We are fortunate to have been nominated for and won multiple international awards. Our stories have been told across over 200 media mentions globally, and Choo Yilin has had the honour of showing its work abroad. To read more, click here.