Jewellery Care

Fine jewellery is much like our most cherished relationships - a little bit of loving can go a long way. Understanding how to care for your pieces can make a huge difference in maintaining its sparkle, beauty and life. To ensure that your Choo Yilin jewellery remains in its best possible condition over an extended period of time, please observe the following care advice below:


General Care

• Always store unworn jewellery away from direct sunlight, moisture or heat. Treat them tenderly and be careful not to drop or scratch it against hard surfaces.

• Avoid wearing your jewellery during exercise or when doing vigorous chores.

• Jewellery can be affected from exposure to the chemicals and alcohol in your beauty products. As a precaution, remove your jewellery when applying perfumes, lotions or other cosmetic products that contain chemicals. If possible, put on your jewellery as the final adornment when dressing.

• Never wear your jewellery in the shower or in a swimming pool. The chlorine content in the water, particularly at high temperatures, will permanently damage or discolour the jewellery over time.

• Gently clean your Sterling silver pieces after each wear using a lint-free, 100%-cotton cloth.

• Ideally, store your Sterling silver jewellery separately in a ziplock or airtight bag to prolong its shininess. 


Caring for Jade

Jade is considered a highly prized gem, especially in Asian culture. At Choo Yilin, we only work with Type A jadeite, a completely natural type of jade which has not been subjected to any form of chemical treatments to enhance its colour.

• As our jade pieces come with metalwork, be mindful to keep the jade away from water.

• To maintain its lustre, use a damp cloth and mild soap to lightly wipe away body oils and dirt on the jade and dry it with a lint-free, 100%-cotton cloth. Use a soft brush to gently clean hard-to-get areas.

• Treat your jade with love and care; be careful not to drop it, knock against it, or scratch it against hard surfaces.


    Caring for Gemstones

    • Despite their hardness, gemstones are still susceptible to scratches, chipping or breaking. Store individual jewellery pieces separately so that they do not rub against each other.

    • Limit exposure to chemicals, water, and direct sunlight as these can damage the gemstones and cause some to turn paler over time. The build-up of hand creams, fingerprints, dust or grime can also dull the brilliance of the stones, but this can be solved by cleaning it with a lint-free, 100%-cotton cloth.

    Caring for Pearls

    Pearls have a natural shimmering iridescence and lustre to them. Unlike gemstones, they do not need to be cut or polished to reveal their shine and beauty. As such, it is especially crucial to take special care of pearls due to its delicate surface.

    • Never store pearls in plastic bags or deposit safes. Plastic bags can emit chemicals that will deteriorate surface of the pearl, and the ultra-dry air in deposit safes will dry out the pearls.

    • Wear your pearls as often as you please as they retain their lustre from our natural body oils. Keep it away from any products that contain chemicals, such as perfumes, lotions, and hairsprays.

    • Most jewellers knot pearls on silk threads which wear out over time. To avoid abrasions of pearls, we strongly recommend re-stringing every few years or when you notice wear and tear.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at or contact us here.