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I first met Yilin at a fashion trunk show on a Saturday afternoon. It was her warmth, earnestness, and uncanny ability to find commonalities even amongst our seemingly different interests that struck me. And it is her very spirit that encapsulates what the Choo Yilin brand is - a celebration and honour of our similarities, rather than a fixation on our differences. I believe that it is this spirit that will see an even stronger and more resilient brand emerge after the hiatus - I can’t wait. 

by Dahlia Mohd

My journey with Choo Yilin has been deeply personal. Every piece of my Choo Yilin collection has marked a small milestone in my life; tiny beautiful stories that remind me to be proud of the woman I’ve become. Even now in Choo Yilin’s choice to press pause so that it can grow towards its true narrative and vision, I find cause for celebration and inspiration to reflect on my own journey as a person. I will continue to wear my Choo Yilin pieces with pride, joy, and with every confidence that we will mark new milestones together.

by Sheryl Lee

As Choo Yilin goes into hiatus, my wish is for the brand to come back even stronger and to continue in the preservation of the Singaporean identity, while being able to innovate and stay relevant for all modern women. The brand of Choo Yilin brings about many memories - from my wedding to important family milestones, and even my journey as a female entrepreneur. To me, Choo Yilin has set itself apart from other local brands by anchoring itself to our heritage.

by Sharon Tan

The brand speaks about love so often, and it really comes to light when you meet the faces behind the brand - there’s such an apparent love in the craft. So, my favourite milestones are made of these moments - getting to really know the brand; its inspirations of heritage, its constant journey of becoming, and the love the team puts into it all. I hope Choo Yilin becomes THE global household name for jade heirlooms; it’s a big dream but if anyone can do it, my bet’s on this team.

by Jasmine Sor

Our Endeavour: To honour important stories through modern heirlooms.
Our Origins

The Choo Yilin Insider

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