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5 Jewellery Gifts for the Important Women in Your Life

November 26, 2015

choo yilin open ended jade ring

During this Christmas season, we know you are thinking about the women in your life that mean the world to you. Shopping for the right kind of Jewellery for the right person can be daunting, but when it's done right, it makes for an amazing moment! So here we are to help you, with the jewellery shopping guide you've been waiting for.

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All You Need To Know About Si Dian Jin

November 18, 2015

choo yilin jade wedding jewellery

Si Dian Jin? For young and modern brides to be, many find themselves to be hearing about it for the first time. Find out all you need to know about Si Dian Jin and what it means to the modern bride in this guide we've put together for you
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Meet our Happiness Advocate, Michelle!

November 16, 2015

choo yilin insider

Meet our inventory manager and happiness advocate, Michelle. Find out why she's a huge part of the brand, and all about what she loves about her role at Choo Yilin!


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The Significance of Pearls on your Wedding Day

November 12, 2015

choo yilin bamboo pearl jewellery

Looking for the perfect wedding jewellery and considering pearls? Find out all about the significance of pearls on your wedding day, and why they make such precious jewellery.

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