Women of Choo Yilin

The story of "For you today, for your loved ones tomorrow" – heritage, conservation, and love.

Like the journeys of the #womenofchooyilin, our own story has evolved, step by step. We've learned so much on our journey here, and this is the story of how we came to be.

Choo Yilin Jewellery began as a deeply personal project, working with the hill tribe artisans of Northern Thailand. It was a collaboration of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design: preserving heritage, while reinterpreting it for the modern era. 

From there, we rediscovered jade, long considered a symbol of beauty and immortality in Asian cultures. With Choo Yilin, jade became an heirloom; timeless, yet fresh. It has become our signature stone, for its intrinsic qualities, as well as for what it represents to us.

But heritage requires conservation as well, and this became a second theme that wove itself into the fabric of our identity. Even as we create new pieces and pursue beauty in our art, we continue to seek out ways to tell the stories of various conservation groups’ social impact work. We have told the story of Too Precious To Wear’s coral conservation work as well as paid homage to non-profit group WWF’s work on reforestation.  

As we evolved, we received an increasing number of requests to design pieces that were physical and visual embodiments of your own love stories. Personalised engagement rings with hidden symbols and jokes, wedding rings that told the story of how two people fell in love, anniversary gifts and "si dian jin" that were meant to be handed down to children. Even pieces shared between family members, as a reminder of how precious we are to one another, and the ties that bind us together. 

We realised that for you, each Choo Yilin piece is not just about beauty, heritage, and craftsmanship. Above all, each Choo Yilin piece is about love: the timeless love between mother, daughter, and granddaughter, husbands, wives, sisters, and best friends - Family Heirlooms.

Whether it is an everyday piece, a statement item, or a precious heirloom, every single Choo Yilin piece is about the celebration of meaningful, significant relationships. Because our stories are all different, we offer you the ability to customise a piece just for you. Choo Yilin also works with you to create a unique bespoke item that embodies your personal story and the people who made it so.

In each piece, we use Type A jadeite, custom-cut gemstones, and intricate metalwork to create a piece that transcends time. A Choo Yilin jewel will be for you today as it will be for your loved ones tomorrow.

Who are the #womenofchooyilin?

The #womenofchooyilin are mothers, daughters, lovers, sisters, and friends who believe in love; the deep love that endures despite fights, or hurt feelings, and which transcends time. The #womenofchooyilin are on a constant journey of becoming: becoming their full and best selves, accepting themselves and the ones around them from a foundation of love.

To the #womenofchooyilin, their Choo Yilin piece is a tangible reminder of these bonds between us, even across generations. Their Choo Yilin piece is a celebration of who they are, the people who have touched their lives on that journey, and a symbol of hope for the future.

The Choo Yilin story is your story. You are the #womenofchooyilin.