Si Dian Jin 四点金

Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set

Si Dian Jin has great cultural significance for Chinese brides, an integral part of her wedding trousseau. Like everything else we do at Choo Yilin, we have taken the traditional and put our little spin on it. Our Si Dian Jin 四点金 set is unlike any other, as we believe that the designs should be created in a way that fits seamlessly into the bride’s everyday wardrobe, to be enjoyed long after the wedding ceremony is over.

As the purveyor of modern jade jewellery, we offer unique sets of Si Dian Jin with jade as the key feature of this significant gift. The use of jade, woven with modern metalwork designs, provides the modern woman with the kind of wedding trousseau that is not only appropriate for a Chinese/Peranakan heritage, but also stylish enough for everyday wear. The sleek, circular shapes of the Jade bangles and rings also represent a lifelong union for the bride and groom.


what is in the Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin 四点金 set?

The Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin 四点金 set consists of:

• Choo Yilin custom Jade Bangle

• A Pair of Jade Earrings

• Choo Yilin Jade Ring

• Jade Necklace


 For your Special Day,
choose from our five unique Si Dian Jin sets:

 Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set - Romantic Elegance

 Romantic Elegance

Inspired by the symbolisms of Sakura, the Romantic Elegance set is a wearable representation of the endearing flower and a reminder to celebrate love and life. The inimitable beauty of Jade, our hallmark gemstone, is highlighted by the entwined plush Sakura in full blooms, immortalising the best memories of your Wedding Day for a lifetime. 

Comprising of a custom Jade bangle with beautiful, intricate Sakura motifs, the Cherry Blossom Branch Necklace, the Sakura Florette Jade Studs, and the Sakura Florette Jade Ring, each individual piece in this Si Dian Jin can be easily incorporated into the bride's daily outfit as a reminder of her Special Day.
Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set - Feminine in Floral

Feminine in Floral

An ode to femininity, the Feminine in Floral set crafted in mixed metals of white rhodium and rose gold is inspired by the pretty pink hue of the Sakaura blossoms. The depth of the metalwork design is aggrandized and highlighted with semi-precious gemstones.
Enhance your rosy glow on your Big Day with the Feminine in Floral set, which pairs the statement custom Jade bangle with pretty Sakura motifs with the Cherry Blossom Branch NecklaceFlower Jade Studs and Cherry Blossom Branch Ring.
Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set - Glamourously Traditional

Glamorously Traditional

Fashioned in yellow gold, the Glamorously Traditional set features modern bamboo motifs that carry a wealth of meaning. Representing opulence, strength, and happiness, bamboo serves as a promise of a couple’s life together. The beautiful metalwork of interweaving bamboo leaves and vines, embellished with precious multi-faceted gemstones, expresses unity and vows of being there for one another.
The Glamorously Traditional set consists of a custom Jade bangle with bamboo motifs, complemented by the Bamboo Vine Necklace, the Bamboo Trillant Jade Ring set with a magnificent 4.9 carat rose quartz, and Bamboo Drops earrings.
Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set - Classic Sophistication

Classic Sophistication

A true embodiment of class and timelessness, pearls are exquisite and elegant additions to any lady's trinket box. A match made in heaven with the sleek lines of the bamboo motif, the freshwater cultured pearls bestow its roundness and delicate lustre to the Classic Sophistication set. Play the part of the graceful blushing bride by adorning your neck with the Bamboo Drape Pearl Necklace, available in 16 and 32-inch, matching it with the Bamboo Pearl Drop Earrings, the Bamboo Willow Ring set with white quartz, and topping off with our signature Jade bangle as the statement piece.

Made to last and be worn beyond your wedding day, each pearl on the Bamboo Drape Pearl Necklace, measuring approximately 10mm, is painstakingly strung together by top quality silk threads and put together with a lobster clasp.

Choo Yilin Peranakan Flower Jade Jewelry Singapore Local Designer Si Dian Jin Chinese Dowry

Timeless Heritage

Heritage and modernity come together harmoniously in our Timeless Heritage set. With history at the heart of this collection, this set is put together specially for the refined woman inspired by her roots and the preservation of heritage in the modern world.

Promising to be perennial and versatile beyond the wedding day, the luxurious Timeless Heritage set consists of the Peranakan Flower Drop Earrings, the Peranakan Flower Jade Necklace, the Peranakan Flower Open-Ended Ring and a custom jade bangle. The intricate filgree floral motifs on each piece of jewelry are decorated with a 1.8mm round-faceted Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst, Sky Blue Topaz or London Blue Topaz and correspondingly pavé with four 1.5 mm round-faceted Pink Amethyst, White Topaz, London Blue Topaz or White Topaz.
To view our full Si Dian Jin 四点金 collection or customise your very own one-of-a-kind set, make an appointment with us or call +65 6733 1131.
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