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The Choo Yilin Pearl Bar

A strand of pearls is like a little black dress — a staple in every girl's wardrobe. Similar to our exquisite Jade pieces, we have taken the timeless classic and placed a Choo Yilin twist on it. Each strand of pearls comes with our Choo Yilin signature heritage-inspired clasp, allowing you to wear the dainty jewellery in up to nine different ways. 

Our bespoke pearl collection is a showcase of different loose pearls, from south sea to akoya to fresh water, in varying sizes, shapes and colours. Make an appointment at our flagship boutique at Mandarin Gallery to see how best to customise your signature Choo Yilin pearl piece using these incredible works of nature.



Testament symbols of generosity, Freshwater pearls come in a more varied selection of lustrous hues and sizes than any pearl type and hence, have captured the hearts of many. Although a mainstay in fine jewellery - the key is finding the strand that will bear true to its wearer’s personality.

Often celebrated for its organic appeal, these natural beauties project a unique vibrancy and joie de vivre, embodying contemporary romance; a gift for the one who radiates boundless joy.


South Sea pearls are incredibly sought after for their larger sizes and satin lustre: they have the innate ability to catch and project light even in darker hues, casting a silver lining wherever they go. South Sea pearls are rare – they can only be found in limited regions across the globe and are primarily cultured in Australia and Indonesia.

The journey to securing a strand of quality South Sea pearls takes experience, time, and valiant effort – elements incumbent to progress and growth. That is why South Sea pearls are for the steadfast hearts, for those who rise to every occasion, and dedicated to those who give others strength; for the superwomen in our lives.


Perfectly round, and with a lustre that is widely acclaimed as a “sparkle” is the coveted Akoya pearl. Incomparably luminous, our saltwater Akoya pearl is sourced specially from the seas  of Japan. The Japanese thought their beauty to be so ethereal that they believed pearls were produced by angels. Today, the world esteems the pearls as symbols of purity, and they reign superior in monumental occasions.

The Akoya pearl is a true statement of sophistication in timeless ivory tones reserved for the wonders in and of our lives, to glow and grow with for generations to come.


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