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Modern Wedding Jewellery

Paying homage to Asian roots, Choo Yilin specialises in creating heritage-inspired pieces using a myriad of vibrant gemstones, its signature Type A Burmese Jadeite, and filigree metalwork to bring its unique designs to life. Our wedding jewellery set is unlike any other, as we believe that the designs should be created in a way that fits seamlessly into the bride’s everyday wardrobe, to be enjoyed long after the wedding ceremony is over.

As a purveyor of modern jade jewellery, we offer unique wedding pieces with jade as the key feature of this significant gift. The use of jade, woven with contemporary metalwork designs, provides the modern woman with the kind of wedding trousseau that is not only appropriate for an Asian heritage, but also stylish enough for everyday wear. The sleek, circular shapes of the Jade bangles and rings also represent a lifelong union for the bride and groom.

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The Choo Yilin wedding jewellery set consists of:
• Choo Yilin custom Jade Bangle
• A pair of Jade Earrings
• Choo Yilin Jade Ring
• Jade Necklace
 For your Special Day,
choose from our unique wedding jewellery sets:

The Kebaya Jade Series

Inspired by the lace and floral embroidery in the Kebaya, our newest collection is an embodiment of the rich heritage and enduring legacies across the region. Worn by Southeast Asian women of influence great and small: royalty, leaders, cherished mothers, devoted grandmothers and more - the Kebaya is an inherent emblem of personal heroines and the enduring legacies they have created.

The Collection comprises the Kebaya Jade Studs, the Kebaya Gemstone Ring, and the Kebaya Jade Donut Necklace, as well as the brand’s most coveted product: a Choo Yilin Jade bangle Each Kebaya piece was crafted to make the milestones of life shine, and to encapsulate the enduring legacies of our time, and beyond.
Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set - Feminine in Floral

The Cherry Blossom Series

An ode to femininity, the Cherry Blossom set crafted in mixed metals of white rhodium and rose gold is inspired by the pretty pink hue of the Sakura blossoms. The depth of the metalwork design is aggrandized and highlighted with semi-precious gemstones.
Enhance your rosy glow on your Big Day with the Cherry Blossom set, which pairs the statement custom Jade bangle with pretty Sakura motifs with the Cherry Blossom Branch NecklaceFlower Jade Studs and Cherry Blossom Branch Ring.
Choo Yilin Si Dian Jin Jewellery Set - Glamourously Traditional

The Graceful Bamboo Series

Fashioned in yellow gold, the Graceful Bamboo set features modern bamboo motifs that carry a wealth of meaning. Representing opulence, strength, and happiness, bamboo serves as a promise of a couple’s life together. The beautiful metalwork of interweaving bamboo leaves and vines, embellished with precious multi-faceted gemstones, expresses unity and vows of being there for one another.
The  Graceful Bamboo set consists of a custom Jade bangle with bamboo motifs, complemented by the Bamboo Vine Necklace, the Bamboo Trilliant Jade Ring set with a magnificent 4.9 carat rose quartz, and Bamboo Drops.

The Peranakan Flower Series

Heritage and modernity come together harmoniously in our Peranakan Flower set. With history at the heart of this collection, this set is put together specially for the refined woman inspired by her roots and the preservation of heritage in the modern world.

Promising to be perennial and versatile beyond the wedding day, the luxurious Peranakan Flower set consists of the Peranakan Flower Jade Donut Studs, the Peranakan Flower Jade Necklace, the Peranakan Lace Ring and a custom jade bangle. The intricate filigree floral motifs on each piece of jewellery are decorated with a 1.8mm round-faceted Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst, Sky Blue Topaz or London Blue Topaz and correspondingly pavé with four 1.5 mm round-faceted Pink Amethyst, White Topaz, London Blue Topaz or White Topaz.

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