Love Stories

Choo Yilin has put together love stories of couples’ who had previously commissioned engagement rings and other significant bespoke mementos. These couples share how they fell in love and how the Choo Yilin jewellery pieces worked as visual idioms to represent their cherished relationships.
The Choo Yilin bespoke consulting service weave personal stories of heritage, conservation and epic love into fine jewellery pieces. Clients work with the Choo Yilin design team to create a personalised piece of jewellery that incorporates elements of their life and their heritage, ensuring that each project is a visual idiom. 

Our Love Stories

Charmaine & Derek

Derek requested that we work with his mother’s 1.2 carat pear shape diamond for the engagement ring because he loved the idea of passing on family heirlooms. He wanted the setting to be uniquely “Charmaine”. After many long discussions and research, we decided upon a fairly minimalist setting, but with hidden intricate details of diamond-studded feathers.

After Derek proposed, we continued our work with the couple on their wedding bands, with interesting-shaped diamonds that came from Charmaine’s mother’s diamond earring studs.

Watch their love story unfold here

Mitchell & Karen

Mitchell approached Yilin on the sly wanting to surprise Karen with an engagement ring. And boy, was she surprised. The theme was clear: Peranakan, given Karen’s heritage. With that in mind, the Choo Yilin team, scattered across London, Singapore and Thailand worked with Mitchell, based in Sydney, to actualise the ring. The creation of this ring took multiple skype calls at wee hours of the morning, mutiple emails and countless photographs. We can’t be more proud of this nod to modern heritage.

Watch their love story unfold here


About Choo Yilin 

We, at Choo Yilin, want to tell important stories – stories of heritage, conservation and epic love. Jewellery is the medium in which these stories are told – diamonds, unheated sapphires, south sea pearls and gold.

We work closely with you translate your story into a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece to be kept, not only for yourselves but your children and your children’s children. Find out more about the process here or speak to us today.