Jade Bangle Designs

As iconic designs come, these five have proven to be the most classic and favoured amongst the Women of Choo Yilin. We have compiled the most beautiful designs, gemstones and plating combinations to present you a heritage jade jewellery of equal preciousness and significance. A visual idiom of your being and love, that is truly worthy to be passed down for generations. 

The Nostalgic, Peranakan Trio Jade Bangle 

Choo Yilin Peranakan Trio Jade Bangle

The Glamourous, Peranakan Classic Jade Bangle

Choo Yilin Peranakan Classic Jade Bangle

The Sophisticate, Bamboo Forest Jade Bangle

 Choo Yilin Bamboo Forest Jade Bangle

The Classic, Bamboo Trio Jade Bangle 

Choo Yilin Bamboo Trio Jade Bangle

The Romantic, Cherry Blossom Jade Bangle

 Choo Yilin Cherry Blossom Jade Bangle

Intrigued to find out more about what each design personifies? Read more at "A Personality Guide to Jade Bangles" on The Insider. Email hello@chooyilin.com or simply "Make An Appointment" if you would like to view the jade bangles in store.