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The Choo Yilin Jade Bangle - A Brand Icon

Among the most coveted of all our jewellery is the Choo Yilin bangle. Each Type A Jadeite bangle is organic and masterfully crafted by hand, ensuring no two pieces are ever alike.

Paired with the brand's signature designs, each piece is a one-of-a-kind emblem of Southeast Asian heritage, created to tell our region's stories for generations to come. 

Cherry Blossom Bangle
Peranakan Lace Trio Bangle
Peranakan Trio Jade Bangle
Sakura Bangle
Bamboo Trio Bangle
Classic Peranakan Bangle
Shophouse Jade Bangle
Bamboo Forest Jade Bangle

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A purveyor of modern jade jewellery, Choo Yilin specialises in reimagining heirloom pieces for the modern woman. Based in Singapore, the brand is known for launching bridal jewellery collections inspired by its Asian roots and creating exquisite bespoke engagement rings.

Our signature jade bangles are exclusively available at our Mandarin Gallery Flagship Boutique. To explore our range, simply make an appointment for a complimentary consultation or get in touch with us here.


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