"Singapore’s only ‘design-from-scratch’
Bespoke Jeweller for Wedding Jewellery"

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Do you have a special ring design in mind? Or a heirloom piece that you wish to add your own touch onto? Encapsulate your character and personality into your jewellery with our bespoke services, and design one-of-a-kind custom pieces that are uniquely personalised. 

Sapphires, rubies, and spinels are our speciality. We have (arguably) the largest store of unheated sapphires in this field, giving you the luxury to choose from a large variety of stones for the centrepiece of your bespoke jewellery.

We believe that everyone has their own idea of a perfect diamond. As such, our diamonds are acquired based on your preferences and exact specifications to suit your bespoke piece. We are committed to offering high quality diamonds at internationally traded prices with zero mark up, so that all you have to pay for is our designer's fee.



Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with us is free. Have a chat with one of our Choo Yilin design consultants — we want to hear your story and the significance of this project to you and the people who are part of it. At this stage, we will need to know certain things about your bespoke project:

• Budget
• Timeline for completion
• Wearer allegies to jewellery/metals
    Based on your story and the requirements, we can then propose the gemstones and make some initial decisions on the materials to be used for your bespoke project.

    Design Phase and Moodboard

    Depending on the requirements identified in the initial consultation, we will work closely with you to determine the inspirations for the design elements to be included and draw up a mood board for the design phase to begin. 

    Design Sketches

    Our design consultants will come back with your story re-interpreted in the form of drawings.

    3-D Prototype

    Upon your approval, the drawings will be converted into a 3-D prototype.

    Final Design

    Your very own personal story is now translated into a bespoke jewellery piece that is distinctively yours, gifted in a beautiful Choo Yilin jewellery box. Get in touch one of our design consultants at or +65 6733 1131 to turn your vision into reality.


    Our Love Stories

    Charmaine & Derek

    Derek requested that we work with his mother’s 1.2 carat pear shape diamond for the engagement ring because he loved the idea of passing on family heirlooms. He wanted the setting to be uniquely “Charmaine”. After several long discussions and research, we decided upon a minimalist setting with hidden intricate details of diamond-studded feathers.

    After Derek proposed, we continued working with the couple on their wedding bands, using interesting-shaped diamonds that were part of Charmaine’s mother’s diamond earring studs.

    Watch their love story unfold here.


    Mitchell & Karen

    Mitchell approached Yilin on the sly, wanting to surprise Karen with an engagement ring. The theme was clear: Peranakan, given Karen’s heritage. With that in mind, the Choo Yilin team, scattered across London, Singapore and Thailand, worked with Mitchell, who was based in Sydney, to actualise the ring. The creation of this ring took multiple skype calls in the wee hours of the morning, a chain of emails, and countless photographs — all which was worth the effort for the immortalisation of love. We cannot be more proud of this nod to modern heritage. 

    Watch their love story unfold here.