Celebrating Life's Special Moments

Whether it's for a unique engagement ring that captures romance,
or wedding bands that reflect unique, everlasting vows of love,
or to celebrate an unforgettable anniversary milestone - 

We'd be honoured to play our part in celebrating your Special Moments.

Choo Yilin is a Singaporean luxury jewellery brand that celebrates Asia's rich legacies through collections inspired by a touch of tradition.

We believe the fine jewellery that comes with celebrating your special milestones should reflect exactly how precious they are. The triumphs that come in these storied heirlooms need to be celebrated, and shared, and passed down for generations to come. 

This is why at Choo Yilin we do what we do: using jade and intricate metalwork in fine jewellery as the tool to do tell important Asian stories of love, heritage and becoming.

Each Choo Yilin piece is a visual idiom of these stories.

We specialise in reimagining heirloom pieces for the sophisticated women of today, creating contemporary interpretations of wedding jewellery for Asian brides, heritage-inspired and personalised wedding bands, as well as exquisite bespoke engagement rings.


As a proudly Asian brand determined to share our beautiful culture with the world, we primarily work with beautiful pieces of organic Type A Jadeite; a gem inherently important to Asia. 

Our belief is that our heritage is profoundly moving and these are stories that are deserving to be told on a global scale; that we are capable of creating immense beauty that will leave people in deep awe. 

Keen to celebrate and immortalise your own love stories? To discover and explore our range, simply "Make An Appointment" or request a complimentary consultation via hello@chooyilin.com


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