Celebrate Love

Exude elegance with fine jewellery meant to shine with you for your special moments, and the many milestones beyond. Discover our range of services that promise to capture the beauty of Asian heritage and immortalise your important stories.


Translated as “four touches of gold”, Si Dian Jin is a betrothal gift from a bride’s mother-in-law, as a welcome gift into the family. Delight in sheer majesty on your wedding day and beyond with our unique Si Dian Jin sets; heirlooms to be passed down to the next generation as a symbol of strength in love and the bonds of a family. 

Every Choo Yilin engagement ring is a piece that exemplifies its Asian heritage - be it an homage to classic Peranakan aesthetics through specially designed motifs, or the intricate embroidery and lacework of a kebaya reimagined into a weaved halo of diamonds. 
Inspired by the grand display of rich colours present in Asian celebrations, we embraced a spectrum of hues for the precious gems that would be the centrepiece of each ring.


Every bespoke creation at Choo Yilin has a personal story weaved into the design, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. The placement of special details depends on the clients’ needs; there’s no limit to how exquisite or special a bespoke piece can be.

Choo Yilin celebrates the beauty of nature through its especially handpicked array of divine South Sea, pristine Akoya and stunning Freshwater pearls. Discover the gems of the ocean at their finest, and get to choose a strand that’s perfect for a loved one, or your even your own personality.


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