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Choo Yilin Bespoke

One of a Kind Pieces for Once in a Lifetime Romances

Whether it's for a unique engagement ring that captures romance,
or wedding bands that reflect unique, everlasting vows of love,
or to celebrate an unforgettable anniversary milestone - 

We'd be honoured to play our part in celebrating the ones you love.

Your initial consultation with us is free.
Chat with one of our Choo Yilin design consultants — we want to hear your stories, what you hope for the piece to symbolise and ultimately, who this special piece is for.

The Bespoke Process

Based on your needs and requirements, we can then propose the gemstones and make some initial decisions on the materials to be used for your bespoke piece. Crafting a piece entirely from scratch can take a minimum of 16 weeks; keep in mind that great things may take time but are always worth the wait. 

Choo Yilin Love Stories


Charmaine & Derek

Derek requested that we work with his mother’s 1.2 carat pear shape diamond for the engagement ring because he wanted it to be a family heirloom. He wanted the setting to be uniquely “Charmaine”. After Derek proposed, we continued working with the couple on their wedding bands, using interesting-shaped diamonds that were part of Charmaine’s mother’s diamond earring studs. Watch their love story unfold here.




Mitchell & Karen

Mitchell approached Yilin on the sly, wanting to surprise Karen with an engagement ring. The theme was clear: Peranakan, given Karen’s heritage. With that in mind, the Choo Yilin team, scattered across London, Singapore and Thailand, worked with Mitchell, who was based in Sydney, to actualise the ring. Watch their love story unfold here.

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