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All You Need to Know about the ONLINE SSSale!

By Overwhelming Request,

Choo Yilin is having the Seconds and Sample Sale ONLINE!


We met 1000s of you at our biggest sale ever just two weeks ago. Till today, we’re still receiving requests from those who couldn’t make it due to prior commitments, or those who are overseas and had no way of heading down to our Atelier. Requests of an extension even from those who were at the SSSale, are also still streaming in. We hear all of you and we’re making this SSSale online happen FOR YOU.
We know you’ll definitely have some questions for the seconds & samples sold in this Online SSSale,
so we've prepared this FAQ.

What does "SSSale" stand for?

The SSSale stands for Seconds & Samples Sale.

What is a "second"?

“Seconds” are pieces that did not meet the high standards of quality required at the Choo Yilin Flagship Boutique in Mandarin Gallery. They may have minor flaws such as discolouration in the metalwork, imperfect milgrain or proportions. These flaws are hardly visible unless under scrutiny and therefore do not affect the function of the jewellery.

What is a "sample"?

“Samples” are designs that will not be reproduced, and are stock from past collections. This is the last chance to get these archival pieces at greatly discounted prices!

Why are you holding the Online SSSale?

While we met 1000s of you at our biggest sale ever held at our Atelier just a week ago, and till today, we are still getting requests for a sale extension or to have this sale online as some of you couldn't make it over the SSSale weekend due to work, prior commitments, or simply because you're not in Singapore. We do our best to cater to your needs as best we can, so we're holding an Online SSSale just for you!

When is the Online SSSale?

The SSSale will run for three days only: 20 - 22 June 2018!

And yes, the CAPS+bold was absolutely necessary ;)

Is there a time limit to the sale?

Yes. Each day of the sale will take place for 12 hours only, from 10am - 10pm (GMT+8). 

However, due to the limited quantities available, we suggest getting to the sale early!

If you have placed your RSVP for the sale, we will send you a new sale link daily so be sure to check your inboxes!

How do I access the SSSale page?

The Online SSSale will only be accessible via a secret link.
Only those who RSVP will receive the secret link to the SSSale page each day!

Will there also be a sale at your Flagship Store in Mandarin Gallery?

The SSSale will be held exclusively online.

The SSSale will not be available anywhere else but through the secret link sent to those who have placed an RSVP.

We will not be having this sale at our Flagship Boutique where only our finest jewellery make the cut; we have clients looking for jewellery to wear on special moments, such as their Si Dian Jin, heirlooms or anniversary gifts - all of which will take time to explore and would require a personalised consultation with our team. We are also not having any sale at our Atelier.

Are the pieces defective?

The pieces are not of the same high standard of quality you will find at our Flagship Boutique, however, the minor flaws are cosmetic and therefore do not affect the wearability and function of the jewellery.


What is the difference between the merchandise offered at the Online SSSale and at the MG Flagship Boutique?

The merchandise sold at the SSSale are seconds and samples which would be good options for casual use, and an opportunity to get last-chance Choo Yilin pieces for yourself. All sales are final and we will not offer any refunds, exchanges or aftercare services.

Reasons to NOT to buy from the Online SSSale

If you’re purchasing an item to commemorate a special occasion like a wedding, birthday or an anniversary, the Online SSSale is not the option for you as you cannot choose a specific piece. Also, our items at the Mandarin Gallery Flagship will be far more suited for these purposes as there’s a dedicated after-sales service team taking care of any queries you may have for your pieces years after they have been bought.

Should you require after-sales service, please reach out to our dedicated team here.

Reasons to buy from the Online SSSale

Missed out on our Atelier SSSale?

Or, you were at the Atelier SSSale but simply want more Choo Yilin pieces?

Everyone loves a good deal and the Online SSSale is the perfect opportunity to own  Choo Yilin originals at a fraction of the price. The Online SSSale is also the right place to come to if you are someone who appreciates design but are not too detail oriented.


What’s available at the sale? 

Let us surprise you! Stay tuned to our social media channels (Instagram Posts/Instagram Stories and Facebook) to catch some sneak peeks! 


Will everything that was available at the physical SSSale at your Atelier be available for this Online SSSale too?

We’ve been working hard to restock some items. Our backend team really had to go deep into our archives to pull up and sort out more stock to make this sale happen. While we were able to restock some, there are also some pieces that have completely sold out as they are seconds and samples stock - what’s available and falls into this category is limited. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Will there be new items in the sale everyday?

Absolutely! The product mix will be fresh everyday, and these items will only be available for 12 hours each day (while stocks last!), which is why we’re sending you a new sssale link daily, too!

Can I request for a specific jade colour?

Due to the organic nature of Type A Jadeite, no two pieces are identical, which makes each piece of Choo Yilin jewellery truly unique to its wearer. We appreciate your understanding that the photos shown on the listings for the secret online sssale are for reference only and may differ from the actual colour of jade you receive. If you have a specific colour of jade that you would like, please do not buy from the online sale as we cannot guarantee the colour of jade for pieces purchased during the sssale. We are happy to host you at our Flagship Boutique instead, where you'll be able to explore the collections in person.

If you would prefer to handpick the shade of jade that's perfect for you, please do not buy from the online sale. We are happy to host you at our Flagship Boutique instead.

I don't know my ring size, please help?

Don't worry, we've got you! You can determine your ring size through our guide here. As there will be no exchanges, returns, or repairs for items purchased during the sale, we recommend purchasing only if you are certain that the ring will fit you (or have someone you might like to gift it to, if it doesn't). Alternatively, we do have a good selection of earrings and necklaces available for you to choose from as well.


What is your exchange policy?

There will be no exchanges for any items that are bought during the Online Seconds and Samples sale.

What is your return policy?

No returns will be done for any items that are bought during the Online Seconds and Samples sale.

Do you have a warranty policy or provide after-sales service for these items? Why not?

The pieces sold at the SSSale will not be covered under any warranty policy or after-sales service, as they are sold “as-is”, with their existing minor imperfections.


Can I use my store credit / birthday voucher at the Online SSSale?

We do not accept store credit or any birthday vouchers/discounts at the Online SSSale as the prices are already so attractive! However, you’re more than welcome to use your store credit at our Flagship Boutique.

What modes of payment will you accept at the Online SSSale?


What about shipping? How much will it cost?


As much as possible, we want the price you see to be the final price you pay.

As for international orders, a minimum purchase of SGD$500 applies to qualify for free shipping. For orders that do not qualify for free international shipping, a shipping fee of SGD $50 applies.


 How long does it take for me to get my order(s)?

As we expect a high volume of purchases as well as multiple orders across the three days of the Online SSSale, orders will be dispatched only after the online sssale is over (25 June onwards). We want to consolidate orders to ensure that you get your orders as quickly as possible, and to get your orders shipped altogether for your convenience, too.

Local orders should then reach you in 5 - 7 working days.

For international orders, your orders should reach you between 7 - 10 working days.

Okay, I’m in! Where do I sign up?

Thank you for making it this far and reading the FAQ!

The RSVP for this event has closed.


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