Timeless Anniversary Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Relationship

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Birthday Friendship Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide
Anniversaries mark important milestones in our lives. But do all anniversaries strictly refer to the wedding nuptials? We don't think so. Today we list celebrations that are just as noteworthy and reflective of the other fulfilling relationships in our lives.

If you have a special anniversary to celebrate coming up, take a look at our recommendations below, specially picked for each occasion and find out at the end of this post what's in store for our exclusive Black Friday Sale that is happening on the 19th and 20th November.


Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Local Singapore Designer Gift Anniversary Birthday Christmas Best Perfect Friend Sister Mother

Shophouse Trio Necklace and Shophouse Window Ring

Of course birthdays are anniversaries! Celebrate turning a year wiser with the Peranakan Shophouse Collection and bedazzle with bright and colourful emerald-cut gemstones ranging from warm tones of rose quartz and amethyst to cool tones of lemon quartz and light green chalcedonyInspired by the architectural appeal of Peranakan homes, these pieces of jewellery make the perfect birthday gift for ladies that might appreciate their timeless pastel palette and angular silhouette.


Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Local Designer Gift Gifting Anniversary Birthday Christmas Friendship Sister Mother

Has it really been ten years since you knew her? Boy does time fly! Maintaining a friendship is hard work, and you and your best girlfriend deserve a trophy for all the time, effort, and love invested! Epitomising quiet strength, the mighty bamboo is the best emblem to represent your unbreakable bond. Growing together from strength to strength, let the Bamboo Drape Necklace be a wearable tribute to your camaraderie. No matter what life brings, you will always have each other.



Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Birthday Friendship Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

A career can be a love-hate relationship. What is the fine balance between working for a living and working to make a life? During challenging times, it may be tempting to give it all up but instead, pay attention to the transformation within you. The Dreamer's Open-ended Ring is here to remind you of the person you are becoming. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. Remember that no diamonds were ever made without pressure.


Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Local Designer Anniversary Gift Gifting Birthday Christmas Festive Sister Mother Women

A budding relationship with a special lady stands to be a remarkable time of your life. The camellia flower with its beautifully shaped petals signify faithfulness and longevity in Asian cultures. Keep your courting days always blooming with the special gift of the Camellia Drop Necklace and Camellia Drop Earrings. You don't have to wait for anniversaries for this one! Surprises often make the best presents.

Wedding Anniversaries

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Birthday Friendship Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

 Marrying the right person makes up only one portion of the recipe for a blossoming marriage. The other portion is in the efforts to keep the love always fresh and flourishing. While flowers wilt, great jewellery is eternal. Surprise your better half with a complete gift set of jade jewellery and keep her feeling always appreciated.

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Birthday Friendship Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Historically used as symbol to draw love and affection, the allure of jade as a precious and meaningful gemstone has been recorded for centuries. The Choo Yilin jade jewellery selections not only exemplifies this, but with our eye for modern and contemporary designs, jade jewellery has never looked more timeless. 

Coupled with our penchant for immortalizing significant symbols in our jewellery, each set is a gift to last for a lifetime and beyond, as much as is your love. The Cherry Blossom Jade Set (top photo) with its budding sakura flowers may signify an ever blossoming love and affection, while the Bamboo Trio Set (above photo) may denote an uncomplicated love that is simple and steadfast.

As each set comes with a jade bangle, these are only available in-store at our flagship location in Mandarin Gallery, #02-23. Make an appointment to view these pieces here

The Black Friday Event

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Singapore Birthday Friendship Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Our annual Black Friday event is happening real soon! Typically held exactly a month before Christmas, ours will run between the 25th to 28th November on our online store for everyone.

However when you are subscribed to our private access sale, special priority awaits you. The private access sale pre-Black Friday happens on the 19th and 20th November, with up to 18% off our jewellery. Not only will you gain early and exclusive access before the public, but the first 9 customers will also stand a chance to bag a pair of Bud Earrings in White Rhodium when you spend $1388 and above. 

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