Everyday with the Choo Yilin team

Behind the glittering precious gemstones and beautiful visual array of the fine jewellery at Choo Yilin, is a team made up of individuals just like you and I. Despite being surrounded by glamourous jewellery, the behind-the-scenes is oftentimes anything but. Although some days it's harder to get out of bed in the morning than others, harder than usual to look like you've got it all under control - I have to give these women credit where it's due.

In this post, we have a chat with our favourite Choo Yilin girl squad and got them to spill their little everyday secrets.  These amazing women, glowing inside and out, try and (mostly) succeed with strutting through our Choo Yilin doors looking every bit polished. We find out in this post exactly how these modern women perfect their balancing act everyday between work, family, and well - life. 
Armed with a killer smile, Dianty's cheery disposition is what draws you in on first glance. Her bright morning greetings never fails to set you right on track to facing the day head on.
We find out what makes this Choo Yilin energizer battery and happy pill tick!

Psst, here's a little beauty secret...  My basic makeup is just face powder and blusher! Blusher for me if the most important as I feel it adds colour to my face.

The best start to your day is with...  a cup of warm lemon water! Lemon water has a ton of health benefits, for one - it aids in keep your digestive system in tip-top condition!

& my little Everyday wrap-up secret is that...  I make it a point to end my day with a cup of Green Tea occasionally adding a slice of lemon to the mix before I go to bed. I personally believe that it helps me with my complexion - the fact that it has antioxidants and possible weight-loss benefits is a plus point! 

Sim Lee, our 3-D designer, is a complete darling who quickly charms her way into everyone's heart with her warm nature and total can-do attitude. She's easily the most pleasant and dependable team-mate you can hope for and one that we've been extremely thankful to be blessed with! 

What's your favourite grab-and-go Everyday breakfast? To save time, I normally prepare my breakfast in advance the night before! If somehow my schedule doesn't allow for it, my next go-to option is Mc Cafe's Broccoli Soup
(We didn't even know MacDonalds sells soup!)

I like to start my morning with...  a cup of green tea or corn silk tea, they give me the first burst of energy to stay awake and refreshed for the upcoming day!

 My favourite little phrase to get me out of bed is...  "Be thankful for the day of work, and always prepare to do the best for each task in the day"

Design wizard and our official Taobao queen, Priscilla, is an absolute master of all trades as she perfects our store interior design, visual merchandising, directs our photoshoots, and design all our favourite Choo Yilin classics. Likewise, she masters her daily sophisticated style with ease - looking amazing everyday in a fashion that looks completely effortless. 

Nothing fills my stomach in the morning better than... Chocolate granola with chocolate oat milk - I'm obviously a huge fan of dark chocolate!

My daily beauty routine is complete with...  my false eyelashes - they instantly makes my eyes look bigger. I get to skip the process of putting on mascara too!

The first thing I do every morning is...  I feed my pets! I have a 9 year old Shiba Inu I adopted named Hachi and a 7 year old Tabby cat who followed me home named Simba.

Psst, here's my best-kept beauty secret! Use a face primer - I love my e.l.f. face primer! I don't have the habit of bringing my makeup pouch out with me so this helps me to hold my makeup together for the day without the need to touch up. 

Bernice's stunning visuals are one that everyone should be well acquainted with - she is the face of Choo Yilin and our beloved model. This incredibly affable and down-to-earth girl doesn't uphold the pricky model stereotype one bit - in fact, she's probably the complete opposite. Truly the understated hero, she braves the scorching sun and blinding glares to provide us the beautiful images littered all over our social media platforms. 

My beauty routine is complete when I do this:  Moisturise!  And I have to emphasise to use a water-based and not an oil-based moisturiser. Oil gets your skin clogged up especially in the Singaporean weather.

 Every morning, I...  kiss my dog, a Toy Spaniel named Puffles, good morning! My day feels weird if I leave the house without saying Good Morning to her.

I reach for this one item without fail, everyday:  My little miracle and pick-me-up is my concealer! I use Maybelline's Age Rewind Concealer.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Jesslyn, our all-in-one Choo Yilin whiz, is a mother to the most adorable little boy ever - especially when you realise how polished and put-together she looks every single day. Every bit the expert juggler at life - she comes armed with impeccable makeup, slick hair, and a wardrobe you'll want to steal. If this isn't #lifegoals, I'm not quite sure what is. 

What's your favourite grab-and-go breakfast?  If I have no time for granola and milk in the morning, you'd find me at the prata place near our office. 

This little tip helps me get ready in the mornings:  I use Etude House Tint My Brows Gel the night before so I don't have to do my brows in the mornings and it usually lasts for 3 to 4 days. 

Nothing quite preps for a hectic workday ahead like...  listening to a podcast on my way to work - the 5AM Miracle has a great variety of content.

Share your best kept personal secret to looking so amazing everyday.  I subscribe to StyleTheory so I get to try 9 to 12 pieces of new clothes every month. This solves my "nothing-to-wear" dilemma, takes dirty laundry off my list, and keeps me motivated me to experiment with new styles. 
Meet Jeanette, the e-commerce whiz behind your favourite online exclusive collections. She describes her fashion mantra as "style falls in love with practicality" - an incredibly smart and apt way to navigate through Singapore's warm weather and jostling crowds. 

My idea of a hearty breakfast is...  two slices of wholemeal bread topped with a spoonful of raw honey, and a cup of warm water.

What is one thing you have to take note of before leaving your house?  If I wash my hair, I have to blow dry it so my hair doesn't stick out. Not the best look for me. 

My morning pep-talk to myself goes a little like this:  I remind myself of where I want to be, and where I am now, and with each day I can get one step closer to bridging that gap. 

Share your best kept personal secret to looking so amazing everyday.  If you feel amazing, you will look amazing. Surround yourself with positive energy and you will find all the beauty in the world. 

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