Choo Yilin Atelier at 331 Joo Chiat Unveiled

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The launch of our Choo Yilin Atelier at 331 Joo Chiat Road marks a watershed moment in our Choo Yilin history. 

Back in 2014, when we were deciding where to have our first brick and mortar store, Joo Chiat was our only choice. Heritage being one of the core tenets of our brand DNA also meant that Joo Chiat was the perfect option, given how the neighbourhood was synonymous with Peranakan culture.
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In 2016, with the growth of the Choo Yilin team, our humble office space was bursting at its seams and so we began yet another search. Serendipitously, we found a perfect 2800 square foot space at another heritage shophouse, a mere five minute walk away, at 260 Joo Chiat Road. 

Today, we’re proud to unveil the Choo Yilin Atelier at 331 Joo Chiat, a 1800 square feet space now redesigned into a two-story atelier that proudly bears the values of Heritage, Community, and Artisanship, largely inspired by the concept of a traditional Chinese teahouse.
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Chinese teahouses have historically been neighbourhood nodes for community bonding, where people would come over for meaningful conversations and good cheer with friends amidst copious amounts of hot tea.

The artisanship of the tea sommeliers were displayed as they would nimbly sort through bags of leaves, concocting a personal blend before your very eyes, before brewing the tea to perfection controlling variables like temperature, and duration with artful finesse. It was a holistic sensory experience and a beautiful mastery of a traditional art form, now largely lost and forgotten.
It’s big shoes to fill – but we endeavour to do so to our best ability regardless. You’ll find that our reimagined Choo Yilin Atelier strives to pay homage to its history in subtle ways – from our library of jade pieces, to discern and make recommendations based on your personal needs and desires, to our workshop space on the second floor where you can get a glimpse into the making of our pieces and understand the highly laborious process of creation we uphold ourselves to, as well as the private boudoir that will be designed especially to host private sessions, where long, intimate conversations amongst your nearest and dearest can be held in privacy. 
The Choo Yilin Atelier is the labour of love, grit, and becoming – as we strive every single day to present a better version of ourselves to you. Ultimately, we hope that this space serves to facilitate a Choo Yilin experience like nothing we’ve ever done before.

A meaningful yet deeply intimate experience which evokes a sense of nostalgia and charm of a time where buying something was much more than a transaction – it was about trust, that another individual would best advice you on procuring personalised jewellery pieces with your interests at heart, just as much as it was about a deeper appreciation for artisanal craft and skill. 
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This is our first step towards reaching out to you as we build a collective community who believe in the same things – Heritage, Artisanship, and Love – and are on board with creating a movement that’s bigger than each of ourselves. It is with the support of each and every one of you that we are here today, and we trust that if we stay true to our values and belief – together, we can make magic happen.  
The Choo Yilin Atelier is located at 331 Joo Chiat Road, and open by appointment only. 
Make an appointment at our Atelier online here today.