A Day With our 3D Master, Sim Lee

All our jewelry are conceived from what was once an intangible idea. In our A Day With A Choo Yilin Team Member series, we bring you an insightful interview with Sim Lee, our indispensable 3D Master who is the brainchild behind bringing all our jewelry designs to life!Choo Yilin Peranakan Flower Jade Jewelry Singapore Local Designer

Creative. Confident. Committed.

Always in good spirits, Sim Lee is yet another vivacious member of our talented Design Team. She expertly navigates 3-D renders, vectors, and wax moulds to bring sketches to prototype-life. This requires an immense amount of creativity and patience, two qualities that are absolutely paramount in her line of work.

Sim Lee is a silent observer of her surroundings and has a curious eye for the world! Interestingly, she picked up a degree in finance in order to sharpen her business acumen. This, coupled with her creative flair, proves that there is so much more to design than simply putting ideas on paper. Read on to find out more about our 3D Master!
Choo Yilin Peranakan Jade Jewelry Singapore Local Designer

I am a…..  cheerful and committed individual with an accompanying flair of creativity. My motivation at work is derived from seeing a project from the start till the end and it sets my passion ablaze every time a project is concluded satisfactorily.

I cannot live without…… cuteness in the world around me. I am an avid dog lover and my heart races every time I set my eyes on canines! Despite my affection for things that are cute (especially little puppies), I am firm when it comes to making paramount decisions for the betterment of the company.

In the eyes of my friends...... I am often described as inquisitive and thoughtful. I like to observe how the world functions around me and this is evident in my choice of degree: Finance. I chose an unrelated degree so I could better understand the world of finance.

If I were to describe myself with a movie… I would be Tulip in the movie Storks! I resonate with the character’s commitment and affection to her friends while performing to the best of her capabilities while at work. Although Tulip made some mistakes, she never faltered and continued working hard to make things work and that is how I see myself.

In an ideal world...... every family would have a pet dog so I can cuddle with them wherever I go! Fantasies aside, I wish there would be no tear jerking moments and everyone could live happily without worries!
Choo Yilin Peranakan Flower Jade Jewelry Singapore Local Designer

From sketch to store

A day in the life of the 3-D Designer goes a little like this…… I go to sleep with an idea that I wish to see through the next day and I wake up energised and ready to strike. I dash to the office, set up my laptop and begin setting my idea into 2D drawings that sets the groundwork for the 3D model development. With the model developed, it is now time to embrace our state-of-the-art 3D printer to evolve the digitized format into a tangible form also known as a prototype. Fast forward, the prototype is eventually cast into a mould for production into the wonderful jewelry see on Choo Yilin.
Choo Yilin Peranakan Flower Jade Jewelry Singapore Local Designer

At work, I feel the biggest sense of satisfaction when….. a project concludes from its intangible idea form into the tangible well-crafted masterpieces that our customers are awed by. My satisfaction is further elevated when I chance upon our customers wearing our jewelry. This serves to prove the brand’s desirability in the eyes of our customers and is indeed a satisfying moment!

Working at Choo Yilin is awesome because…… designers are allowed to let their imagination run wild in order to develop the next masterpiece that sets Choo Yilin apart from its competitors. Designers that are restricted are not capitalising their talents to the best way possible and I am glad Choo Yilin understands this well. Of course, the flexible hours further accentuates the awesomeness of being part of this wonderful company!

What I hope for Choo Yilin is…… to be the only brand our customers think of when they are on the lookout for jewelry and I believe we are slowly moving closer towards this goal!