Meet our Number Cruncher, Lili!

Ever dependable and stable, it's no surprise that Lili is easily our go-to person - especially when it comes to office maintenance. You can count on our Number Cruncher to be on top of everything whether it comes to stocking up on garbage bags and household items or reviving our dead office plants (true story!).

Born and bred in the neighbouring Indonesia, Lili grew up with a large garden surrounded by plants - explaining her green thumb. She flies back home approximately every two months and divulges that the key moments of homesickness comes when she's faced with important decisions. 

It's been 12 years since she settled down here in Singapore and Lili revealed that she quickly grew accustomed to our local hawker delights - especially Prata, Rojak and Hokkien Mee. Not the fussiest eater, anything goes as long as it's affordable and tasty. We caught up with this unassuming aspiring world traveller to find out more about what she has to say about life at Choo Yilin!

I am a….. Diligent individual and a bubbly traveller who aim to see all corner of the world.

I cannot live without…. Coffee and my calculator

In the eyes of my friends...... I am really detailed and lovable.

In an ideal world...... I would be happily fulfilling all my dreams; spending my time appreciating the different cultures of the world. 

Life at Choo Yilin

The Number Cruncher is…… An amazing walking calculator and a huge financial thinker.

Working at Choo Yilin is awesome because…… It has flexible working hours. I love how Yilin gives me the trust, freedom, and creativity to do my work on my own schedule. Although the working hours are extremely flexible, I train myself to be in the office at fixed hours in order to be disciplined. 

What I hope for Choo Yilin is……  for Choo Yilin to grow into international brand!