Gemstones 101: The Stones That Rejuvenate

Over here at Choo Yilin, we work with carefully curated gemstones of the highest quality. Encasing them in intricate metalwork, we aim to bring out the highlights of each and every gemstone to its fullest potential.

Gemstones aren’t merely just another sparkly, coloured pebble. Behind every gemstone holds a deeper meaning and significance dating back centuries. In the first post of our series on understanding gemstones, we bring you the stones that rejuvenate.

Amethyst for stress relief

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Trilliant Jade Ring Amethyst
The official birthstone for individuals born in February, Amethyst’s purple hue has been historically associated with royalty and luxury. Nature’s own tranquiliser, it is said to calm and soothe one’s inner emotions, dispelling fear and anxiety.

Whilst it's easy to get carried away with life's hustle and bustle, the Trilliant Jade Ring with Amethyst can serve as a gentle reminder that despite the clichés, it's true that worrying does not empty tomorrow's troubles. So hang your inner turmoil at the door, kick back, take a deep breath, and relax.

Topaz for the mentally weary

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Marquise Jade Ring in Sky Blue Topaz
November’s official birthstone, the Topaz, is associated with courage and overcoming obstacles. For the mentally weary, this stone is believed to give its wearer increased mental strength and intellect. The Topaz is also often linked to qualities such as wisdom, strength, courage and serenity – all whilst promoting gentleness, integrity and forgiveness. 

The Marquise Jade Ring with Sky Blue Topaz embodies the protective and loving traits of Jade along with the Topaz's courage and intellect. Despite the two vastly different characteristics, they complement each other in ways we didn't expect - not just in its stunning physical appearance but in its symbolic marriage as well. Truly a stone for the thinkers with a sentimental and ardent heart.

Lemon Quartz for clarity

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Lemon Quartz Bamboo Willow Ring
In the distant past, Oceanian shamans considered it a “stone of light”. Admiring the Lemon Quartz today with its glorious yellow sheen - it’s no wonder why. The Lemon Quartz is said to be an enabler of mental clarity. It is also believed to allow the mind to focus, enhance positive thinking, and amplify energy.

In a nutshell, its happiness and energy enclosed in the form of a beautiful gemstone - an apt representation of women filled with optimism and unbridled joy. The Bamboo Willow Ring with Lemon Quartz only further proves that being meaningful and mesmerizing isn't mutually exclusive.

Moonstone for femininity

Choo Yilin Jade Jewellery Bamboo Cushion Jade Ring Moonstone 
The moonstone, also known as the stone of tenderness and protection, carries a connotation of femininity. It is said that this June birthstone bestows a sense of calmness and gentleness to its wearer. This stone is also associated with the intuitive side of the mind and resonates with the faithful and open-hearted. Moonstone is also said to bring about hope, sensitivity, and relief from emotional stress.

Associated with love of all kinds, it’s no surprise that this stone encapsulates all things feminine. The Bamboo Cushion Jade Ring with Moonstone only serves to take things a notch higher as a fitting representation of the sophisticated modern female - feminine yet graceful and strong.

As purveyors of narrative-rich jewellery, we believe in the acquisition of jewellery that is exquisitely yours. Picking a gemstone that resonates with you is a way of immortalising yourself or a particular value that you hold dear. As a gift, picking a gemstone that is synonymous to your recipient either by their birthstone or a particular trait that both the stone and the individual carries, makes for a more thoughtful present. 

So forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, we advocate parading your individuality on your fingers instead.