5 Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

Posted on January 29 2016

Does worn-to-death jewellery strike a chord? Like you, we too have our favourite sets of jewellery that we fall back to for our everyday outfit up to the most important events in our life. Here is our take of the FIVE jewellery essentials every woman should own! This might just serve you well for your next splurging itch.  
 Investment Piece- Jade Bangle

An Investment Piece

Cannot take your eyes off the lovely jade bangles but you are uncertain if it is worth the splurge? Sometimes, it is worth the spend, especially if you see yourself wearing it on multiple occasions. When purchasing jewellery with higher price point, understand what you are paying for. Invest in gold and precious gems and it will be an added bonus if it contains personal stories or is rich in heritage, making it suitable as heirloom pieces. The Peranakan Classic Jade Bangle is one good example as it embraces the Peranakan culture, making it a timeless piece. In addition, our jade bangles undergo rigorous authenticating process to ensure authenticity and quality. 
Drop Earrings

A Glamourous Pair Of Drop Earrings

Depending on the design, Drop Earrings can be feminine, fun and sexy! Earrings rank high in our list of must have simply because it is easy to put on and never gets in the way. Being right at the top and next to the eyes, earrings, especially drop earrings, are also one of the first things people notice. Best form of self-expression, we say! For fuss-free but elegant look, pair your outfit with the Bamboo Drops in White Rhodium
Stackable Rings

Stackable Statement Rings

Not one who fancy just one design or simply want to have it all? We find ourselves stuck in that dilemma too. Hence, the next time you shop for rings, settle on one that is outstanding on its own and yet versatile to pair them with other collections. Our favourite has got to be the Bamboo Trilliant Jade ring especially since it matches our other ring collections pretty well. What's more, the rings are now available in Chinese New Year colours! 

A Classic String Of Pearls

Pearls are perhaps one of the most precious gems, much like the diamonds. And it is definitely a wardrobe essential to pair with your black dress to cocktail parties or pair them with denims for a dress down yet fashionable look for your brunch with your girlfriends. And if you do not believe us, take it from people who might know better. In the words of the 35th First Lady of USA, Jackie Kennedy, "Pearls are always appropriate." What's more, our Bamboo Drape Pearl Necklace can be worn in 6 to 9 different ways! 
Garden Jade Necklace

A Conversation Starting Piece

If you are going to wear something all year round, then make sure it is worth showing the world. It can be a design filled with precious gems, a symbolic and meaningful design or a design that tells a personal story. It does not need to be a bespoke jewellery as our ready-to-wear collections are often inspired by natural elements that embody the traits of a loving and powerful woman. For instance, the Garden Jade Necklace celebrates diversity through the intricate weaves of branches and flowers.

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