Priscilla, Our Jewellery Designer and So Much More

choo yilin - priscilla

Contesting strongly with our Marketing Extraordinaire’s position as the live wire of the office is our very own Design Wizard, Priscilla. Witty and full of antics, she is also known as... the Taobao Queen. You can definitely count on her to source for anything and everything at the best deal on Taobao! True to her resourcefulness, she even adopted her pet dog Hachi, a Shiba Inu, from yet another online platform, which she now spends any free time available taking her for walks and cuddling her.

Previously from the fashion design industry, Priscilla managed her own fashion label for 4 years, which explains her amazing multi-tasking skills and design talent. She translates her knowledge of fashion into jewellery design, providing a fresh and modern take on transforming a traditional medium like jade, always amazing the team with her unique ideas and perspectives.

Priscilla is also responsible for all the imagery and visuals you see on Choo Yilin! Amongst many things, she designs bespoke and ready-to-wear jewellery, directs our photo shoots for our social media platforms, and even beautifies our shop front with her sharp eye for detail when it comes to visual merchandising. It is no wonder that she is Choo Yilin’s Design Wizard, given the many hats she put on!

We simply needed to have a chat with this multi-talented individual to find out more.

choo yilin - priscilla

I am a….. creative, bold and independent person and cannot live without freedom! I would definitely love to travel to as many countries and cities in the world in my lifetime.

If I were to describe myself with a movie… Amelie! Amelie tells the story of a shy waitress determined to change the lives of those around her for the better (P.S, Priscilla turned vegan a couple of years ago despite being the foodie that she is, for the same reason!), while struggling with her own isolation. Amelie Poulain has an active imagination and a mischievous personality, (uh huh, sounds like someone we know) and the different sets in the movie were exactly how I always dreamt it would be if I lived in Paris. Best of all, Amelie loves making people happy (no doubt, we never have a dull moment with Pris around)!

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The Design Wizard is…… not as glamorous as it sounds but I definitely love the challenges and opportunities it holds as we grow the company. I multi-task between design, sourcing, styling and art directing. Which really means handling everything from managing bespoke projects to determining the scent of the shop to create a delightful experience for our clients.

Working at Choo Yilin is awesome because…… of the jewellery! I was a fan before I joined and am so happy to be surrounded by precious gems everyday. I started out as a part-timer and grew to love the company even more as the years passed. More than just being surrounded by precious gems, I love the flexibility of the job as there are no stipulated working hours. This serves the team well as the team is action oriented and is passionate about what we do here at Choo Yilin. It does feel like a big family.

What I hope for Choo Yilin is…… for us to be known as the Jade designer of Asia and to grow internationally in the near future.

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