The Perfect Gifts This Christmas Season

It is admittedly still quite a challenge to buy the right gifts despite the number of gift guides out there. There are many things to consider - the budget, personal preference, endless options of designs and specific details such as sizing. 
There really is no cheat sheet to gift shopping, but if we may, let us offer some advice; go for product categories that people generally love and find beautiful, meaningful and useful. For the ladies, that is no other than jewellery. 
New Sphera Collection

This Christmas, we are launching the Sphera collection that includes precious jade and pearls. The catch for this collection? The pieces are designed for everyday wear, making them versatile and classic jewellery options for every female. Nothing over the top, the clean and sleek design is popular among the young and old.

The Sphera collection comes in three jewellery forms; Jade Hook Earrings, Pearl and Jade Studs, Open Ended Rings and Open Ended Bangles. The beauty of this collection lies in the flexibility in choosing a combination of jade and coloured pearls - and the best part? The ring and bangle sizes are adjustable!

Looks like we hit the gift jackpot.
Sphera StudsSphera Peacock Pearl Studs & Sphera Jade Studs
Open Ended Sphera Ring
Sphera Open Ended Rings 
New Sphera Collection
 Sphera Jade Studs and Sphera Open Ended Bangles

Putting the collection together required more than just an eye for design. The design team wanted it to be special and meaningful for both you and your loved ones. Hence, the combination of jade and pearl. Jade has always been a valuable gift one can present to a lady. It is thought to bring good luck and strengthen the relationship between you and the recipient. Pearls are precious because they do not come by easy, it is naturally produced when oysters activate their defence mechanism in the face of impurities and threat. Likewise, your relationship has gone through ups and down to be where it is.

And it is our hope that the very person that receives a gift from you will  cherish both the meaning behind the gift and your ever important relationship.

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