Pop in for Peranakan Pop

Inspired by the intricate details and textiles of Peranakan design, The Peranakan Pop collection showcases a fresh take on elaborate and iconic Peranakan patterns, reinventing them into modern jewellery suitable for any occasion, be it day or night.

With the growth of e-commerce, the team saw the opportunity to reach out to a younger audience through their our launched web-store in May 2015. Designed exclusively for you, our web-savvy clientele, The Peranakan Pop collection features brighter toned gemstones like green onyx, amethyst, london blue topaz, and peridot. A range of fresh water pearl bracelets has also been designed specifically for the collection, which are lovely for pairing with daytime and casual wear. With price points ranging from $188 to $358 SGD, the collection provides higher accessibility with its affordability.
Peranakan Pop is available from the 30th of September, exclusively www.chooyilin.com. Shop our Peranakan Pop collection here now.