The neighbourhood: Iconic Pastels.

Just round the corner from our little shop in Joo Chiat road is a stretch of charming pastel-coloured Peranakan houses. 
Pastel Coloured Peranakan Houses
These houses along Koon Seng, is one of the 518 buildings in Joo Chiat that was gazetted by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for conservation. But even before that, the houses at Koon Seng has never changed much since 1928. True to the Peranakan heritage, the houses are decorated with intricate motifs and ceramic tiles, mostly inspired by flowers and mythical creatures. As these houses gets handed over from one generation to the next, the only facade that has changed is the colour of the paint. And they definitely chose well.
Flower Motif Tiles on Peranakan Houses
Animal Motifs Peranakan House
Even through the centuries, Koon Seng Road remains largely a quaint residential area lined with vibrant business at the shophouses nearby. Today, Koon Seng and very much Joo Chiat, is synonymous among Singaporeans and tourists for its multicultural heritage and for being a food haven. We too can't help but take a walk around the neighbourhood for a whiff of traditional baked goodies to a chat with skillful artisans when we're out of creative juices. Want to know what you're missing out? Here's a guide to our Joo Chiat favourites.