An introduction to the Choo Yilin Team

From 1 to 16 strong in 6 years, Team Choo Yilin has come a long way, but it only gets better. Here's presenting our little "Family Portrait".



We are immensely proud to have come so far since we started out in 2009 where our lady boss, Yilin started her eponymous label with a vision. From a one-woman-show working from home, to currently 16 staff strong and a flagship store in the heart of Joo Chiat, we’ve definitely come a long way. Through time, the team has grown to be like family, each one sharing the common goal of making the brand the best that it can be.

As said by Yilin, “Thought leaders in the entrepreneurship space often say that one of the true marks of a founding team's success is when you hire "people who are better than you are" and I can unreservedly say that that's exactly what we have today.”

 And of course, we at Choo Yilin have big dreams for the brand. We are still expanding and hope to grow our team to more than 20 by 2016, with plans of internationalization.

We are tremendously grateful for all the support we have received from our loved ones, followers and customers. Without you, we couldn’t possibly be where we are today. So Thank You! We are humbled and will continue to dream big and soar to great heights, knowing that you believe in the crazy, ambitious mission of Choo Yilin.