Love Stories - Daniel & Tessalyn

One of the perks of being a jeweller is to be part of amazing love stories, collaborating with couples to capture their personal experiences into their engagement rings and wedding bands. But what’s an amazing love story if it is not retold?
choo yilin blog love stories
Choo Yilin love stories
Choo Yilin love stories

The Love Story & Proposal

The couple Daniel and Tessalyn met in the banking world, and were colleagues before falling in love. When asked what they liked about each other, Tessalyn chuckled and said that Daniel being an amazing cook and never failing to crack her up are just two of the many reasons why she is so in love. Daniel, on the other hand, loves how Tessalyn is the only one who readily laughs at his jokes and truly appreciates him for all he is — not hard considering how multi talented the man is. While performing at the esplanade for an audience of 200, Daniel proposed to Tessalyn while she was sitting in the audience by singing the song 'Marry Me' during the intermission. And the rest is history!

Choo Yilin Love Stories

The Ring

Daniel was aware of Choo Yilin’s bespoke services and first approached us with an engagement ring concept fashioned after Lord of The Rings’ Rivendell and elves, both of them being fans of the show and huge fantasy buffs. Daniel and our principal designer collaborated closely in all secrecy without Tessalyn’s knowledge and surprised her with a White Rhodium ring, featuring a precious Sapphire, intricate filigree, and diamonds.

The couple then worked with Choo Yilin again for their wedding bands as Tessalyn wanted the band to complement her engagement ring. As Tessalyn’s grandfather was a jeweller and had passed down his most treasured jewellery to her mother, these pieces of jewellery were then passed down to her when she got engaged. As the jewellery had been worn out after two generations, she had the gold melted down and the diamonds repurposed into her bespoke wedding band and earrings, as a wedding gift from her mother.   

But enough said, as much as we pride ourselves as story tellers, no one can tell their love story better than the individuals themselves. Get an inkling to the couple’s love journey in their video here.

Meanwhile, we will go back to what we do best - creating bespoke jewellery that weaves personal stories of heritage, conservation and epic love.

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