Meet Our Marketing Extraordinaire, Jesslyn!

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The office live wire that never fails to bring cheer to the office, Jesslyn is Choo Yilin’s Marketing Extraordinaire. A self confessed workaholic and irrefutable by all, she is the brains behind our e-commerce website. We suspect she will still be hooked on her smartphone tending to our e-commerce store even on her dream vacation by the beach! But that is precisely why the team loves her, her dedication to work and the team coupled with her charming personality is unrivalled. Jesslyn is no stranger to the Marketing role, having supported renowned beauty labels with marketing efforts across 13 stores, including managing public relations and content creation. Besides that, Jesslyn is also a dedicated mother to the cutest 3 year old boy (can you believe it?). It is no wonder she’s the team's Extraordinaire/Superwoman. 

True to her personality, we had lots of fun interviewing Jess, finding out what it really means to be Choo Yilin’s Marketing Extraordinaire.

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I am...... the reason for much laughter and joy in the office! and... a workaholic! My manager can testify to that as she often has to chase me home. That, and I am a mother to a mischievous little 3 year old.

I cannot live without…… make-up! It is probably hard to believe especially since I am described as the office's live wire, but I used to be withdrawn, quiet and shy. That led me to explore self expression through the love of make up. I slowly built up the confidence to try out for a sales position in a beauty industry, which I ended up getting! I subsequently developed a career in the beauty industry before joining Choo Yilin.
In an ideal world...... there’s work (told you, workaholic), foie gras every single day and vacations to the world’s beautiful beaches anytime. I’ll choose the beach over shopping anytime (A little hard to believe as we always catch her online shopping)!
Marketing Extraordinaire, Jesslyn Tan


The Marketing Extraordinaire is…… 

in charge of creating reasons why you should keep coming back to This means creating a pleasant customer experience on the website coupled with compelling reasons to regularly patronise Creativity alone is insufficient to make the website exciting and new. It also requires plenty of forward planning and collaboration with various departments and individuals so there is always something new for our customers, be it in the form of new collection launches or exciting collaborations with new partners.

Working at Choo Yilin is awesome because…… 

we have an amazing culture here. There is a lot of trust and integrity in the team and it makes working enjoyable. I dare say that everyone here is passionate about what we do, and hence we give our best. As a Marketing Extraordinaire, I get the chance to work with everybody in the team which also gives me the opportunity to learn and contribute to business functions outside of marketing. I definitely feel empowered when my ideas and opinions are acted upon.

What I hope for Choo Yilin is…… 

for Choo Yilin to grow into a global brand. It is that very vision that motivates me and perhaps, everyone else in the team. I will always remember being drawn to the label when I first came across it, and to be able to contribute to a growing start up like Choo Yilin is something that I am very thankful for!