5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Personality

This year, we are doing gifting differently. We are taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture and the underlying motivation behind the act of giving. Gifting with meaning is thus our theme for the year, driven by a gentle love and deep appreciation for the women who have so strongly and loyally stood by us, that they only deserve the best.

The perfect gift takes time and effort to be found. With Christmas fast approaching however, time is of the essence! As the jewellery a woman chooses to adorn is closely related to her personality, we have nailed it down to five types. From the effortlessly elegant, to the quiet and sensitive ones, we hope this Ultimate Jewellery Gift Guide For Every Woman will make the process of choosing the ideal gift a breeze.

The Eternally Romantic

What she wears: Delicate adornment that are exquisite in design with a feminine aesthetic

Our recommendation: Cherry Blossom Branch Necklace, paired with the Cherry Blossom Jade Ring

Her favourite movies include The Notebook, Dear John and The Fault In Our Stars. Gestures of love, whether simple or grand warms her heart. She loves receiving surprises, and at the same time also loves giving them. Nothing makes her happier than to love and be loved in return. In essence, she is a helpless romantic and there is nothing better suited for her as a gift than flowers, and that can come in any form.

The Effortlessly Elegant

What she wears: Key pieces that are versatile and simple in design, but strong in taste

Our recommendation: Bamboo Square Necklace with Diamonds, paired with the Bamboo Square Drops with Diamonds

She is always the best dressed person in the room. In the rare event that this isn't the case, she still manages to outdo everyone else anyway with her grace and femininity. This is the woman who always looks impeccable with what seems like very minimal effort. She will humbly refuse that compliment though, but only because she is basically a natural.

The Quiet & Sensitive 

What she wears: Fine and subtle pieces that are not a hassle to wear and match  

Our recommendation: Flower Jade Ring  and Flower Jade Studs, both in Rose Gold with Grey Moonstone

 We all know of at least one. A great listener who possesses an infinite amount of empathy, she is the one we trust with our worst secrets and downtrodden life moments. She is ever-present and constant, so much so that sometimes we forget she is there. Show your appreciation for this gentle heroine with muted pieces that are nevertheless elegant, like the Flower Jade Ring and Earrings with grey moonstone. After all, the moonstone is a jewel that strengthens intuition, inspires hope and brings tranquility.

The Fresh & Modern

What she wears: Stylish and minimal pieces that are functional and well-designed

Our recommendation: Peranakan Tile Jade Long Necklace and Peranakan Tile Jade Donut Ring

 Style and practicality must go together for the modern woman. Her wardrobe is filled with separates that match seamlessly. Comfort is also key, so this requires pieces that are no frills, light and move as she moves. She looks for jewellery that does the same, and does not get in the way of her everyday. This makes the Peranakan Tile pieces above the perfect fit, and just about anything from the Jade by Choo Yilin collection really.

The Cultured & Refined

What she wears: Unique and intricate pieces that tell a story

Our recommendation: Peranakan Flower Drop Earrings and Peranakan Flower Open-ended Ring

A masterful storyteller, a conversation with the cultured and refined lady will leave you breathless. She impresses with her knowledge of the unfamiliar and the world at large. Traveling is her first love, and the experiences off the beaten path lets her immerse in the true culture of her destinations. For her, heritage is the key in discovering one's roots. Everything she chooses to buy, keep and adorn holds meaning and tells a story.