Modern Women's Guide to the Everyday

Our latest Everyday collection takes inspiration from the modern day working women gripe of having too much to do and way too little time. Mornings are precious and very often incredibly less glamorous than others think. It's not quite hearty breakfasts of waffles and eggs and more of a quick glass of milk as you rush out the doors.

Here's our very own Choo Yilin guide to getting through the mornings (especially the extra dreary Monday ones). We know the struggle: to snooze for that extra few minutes and risk looking like an unkept mess or to bear through your drowsiness for the extra effort into your appearances? Been there, done that - we are, after all, human too. However, with a few handy tricks and shortcuts, you'll find yourself snoozing for that extra precious few minutes and looking fabulous as you strut through your doors.

Here's a few of our best kept secrets:

Grab n Go Breakfast

Choo Yilin Singapore Jade Jewellery Designer Everyday Capsule Collection Working Modern Women Tip Tricks Morning
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I'm sure you've heard of the term, Overnight Oats. Often touted as a go-to miracle to the breakfast world, busy moms and fitness enthusiasts - they're probably the quickest breakfast you can ever have. In fact, they require zero preparation time in the morning as everything is done the night before. Even then, preparation shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, making it the most ideal breakfast choice for you.

Overnight Oats Recipe
1:1 ratio of Oats:Milk
1 Cup of Rolled Oats
1 Cup of Milk or Yogurt of your choice
A handful of nuts (optional)
Your choice of fruits (optional)
A drizzle of honey to taste (optional)
The night before, combine oats and milk or yogurt into a bowl and leave it in the fridge. The next morning, top up with some nuts to add a crunch, your choice of fruits for flavour and honey for sweetness to taste.
Easy, breezy, and pretty yummy.

Your Mascara Shortcut

Choo Yilin Singapore Designer Jade Jewellery Everyday Capsule Collection Modern Working Women Tip Trick Mornings
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Did you know that women spend 3 hours and 20 mins a week just putting on their makeup with the bulk of that time spent on eye makeup? That's a lot of mirror time that could possibly be translated into extra snooze time. What better way to disguise your eyebags than to not have them in the first place? Sometimes, less is more when it comes to eye makeup so here's a little beauty trick that lets you skip your mascara. 

Warm your eyelash curlers with a blow dryer: It helps set the curl faster. Just be careful that it’s not super hot before putting it to your eye. Your end result is a perfectly curled set of lashes reminiscent of getting them permed at actual beauty salons. 

Two words: Colour Coordinate

This is surely something that all the ladies can relate to - trying on every single outfit and not liking a single one, not until, you've spent half an hour trying in 5 different outfits. It's the typical wardrobe woes of staring at your cabinet and being unable to find something to wear. Believe it or not, between the unzipping and squeezing into fitted dresses, this is one morning routine that takes up a surprisingly long amount of time. Here's our tip - stick to the basics and colour coordinate.

White and Pink, White and Camel, and Navy and Cream - these are some of our favourite colour combinations that have proven to never fail. If it wasn't obvious enough, lots of white, pastels and cream form a large part of the clean and sleek Choo Yilin aesthetic. 


Versatile Everyday Jewellery

As all your fashion magazines and favourite blogs say - accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. The right touch of jewellery to complement (not overwhelm!) your outfit can turn you from boring to polished and sophisticated. Who doesn't want to look as if you spent hours on your impeccable daily outfit ensemble even though that's far from the truth? Sometimes it's hard to balance between the right amounts of sparkle and statement pieces - that's where our latest Everyday collection comes in handy. Designed with you in mind, we bring you a capsule collection that brings grab-and-go jewellery to life. These delicate pieces are curated to fit seamlessly right into your trinket box and overall wardrobe for their sleek silhouettes.

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